Ages 3 to Adult


For information on class schedules, please call the studio office at 508-765-5252


Classes Offered:

Creative Movement











Creative Movement (ages 3-4)

A 45 minute class introducing students to the world of dance with basic rhythms, movement, and song. Students learn to follow instructions while interacting in a social situation with their peers.


Combo Classes (ages 5&6)

(Ballet/Tap, Ballet/Jazz, Jazz/Tap, Jazz/Tumbling)

A one hour class with a hour of each dance style.  A more structured class than Creative Movement.  Students begin to focus on correct alignment and discipline, as well as social interaction.


Pre-Ballet, Pre-Tap, Pre-Jazz (age 7)

A 45 minute class to prepare the dancer for the structure and discipline of full hour classes.


Tumbling (7&Up)

A class that incorporates dance and gymnastics. Perfect for the student that takes other dance, gymnastics, or cheerleading.


Ballet (ages 8&Up)

A continuation in a structured class with emphasis on technique at the barre, center floor, and across the floor.



(Ages 11 and up, with a minimum of 3 years experience in 1 hour Ballet Class.  Prior approval of instructor is required.)

Must be a disciplined dancer with strong technique, placement, and body alignment to succeed in dancing in Pointe shoes with the risk of injury.


Jazz (ages 8&Up)

Jazz is a stylized theatrical form of dance that incorporates other dance forms, especially ballet for its technique.  Classes include basic warm up, isolations, moves across the floor, and center combinations.


Lyrical (ages 8 &Up)

(Must have at least 1 year of ballet training and be currently enrolled in ballet)

A form of dance combining the technique of both Ballet and Jazz dance.  Students learn to connect dance technique with emotion through lyrics in the music.


Tap (ages 8&Up)

A form of dance where rhythmic sounds are created by feet. Ballet and Jazz classes are suggested along with the study of tap to create the overall dancer.


Hip-Hop (ages 8&Up)

A free-style dance expression incorporating steps from Jazz dance, Street dance, and Break-dance.  Moves are set to upbeat popular or rap music.


Adult Classes

Our adult program is geared to a jazz format with focus on stretching, body toning, and aerobic exercise through dance combinations. We are also now offering Zumba, an adult fitness class, on Tuesday nights. Join now at only $10 per class.